Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Plantation

The weather is unusually mild in North Carolina for this time of the year. So, instead of shopping  the day after Thanksgiving, like so many do. Tom and I decided to pay a visit to the only plantation that you can tour in this area. Part of a large county park is Latta House Plantation.

Built in 1800 this stately old farmhouse was the family home on this large cotton plantation

At that time, most of the population, in this part of the country, lived in small log cabins, so this large house was something to behold. Like *some southern plantation owners James Latta was able to work such a large farm, because he was a slave owner, a fact that we are not proud of this day and time. Records show that James Latta owned thirty three slaves .

Dressed in period costumes, these ladies were there to welcome us and answer questions. We were not allowed to take pictures inside of the home, but come back tomorrow for more pictures of this large estate.

*I was surprised to learn that not all plantation owners held slaves. While any at all was, in my opinion, not acceptable ...the average was about 25%
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  1. it looks like a great old home. as you said, the history is not so great.

  2. Very interesting post but why could you not take pictures inside. :(

  3. There is so much history in the Southeast, and I enjoyed this visit.