Friday, November 23, 2012


Thursday of this week was the American holiday, Thanksgiving. We left daughter #2 ( Kerry & family) in Atlanta and headed north for the four hour drive to Charlotte, North Carolina where daughter # 4 (Stacy & family) lives.  We arrived just in time to put on aprons and help cook!

Stacy, like several of our daughters, loves to cook. She prepared all of the traditional Thanksgiving foods including a delicious pumpkin chiffon pie. Yum!
I hope that those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving were able to be with family or friends on that day, or both! Janey
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  1. i like your whirlwind tour. with good food and family. :)

  2. You must grow at this tour with all the good food I think. But it seems your daugther is a very good cook, nice picture of the two of you.

  3. Your family photos are a delight to see. And, I imagine the pie was a delight to eat also!

  4. Oh yum, the pie looks delicious and I can see that you had the best tome Janey. How many daughters do you have.

  5. Thanks friends. We are having a wonderful trip, and Marianne I am taking a lot of walks to try and stay trim! Grace , Tom and I have five daughters. Three are Tom's and two are mine. But, we both feel like they are all OURS!