Monday, November 26, 2012

Plantation part ll

Back then (mid nineteen century) the kitchen was still separate from the house. Look closely and you can see smoke coming from the little kitchen house on the right.

These ladies, in period dress, were cooking recipes from that time period.

A soldier in a Confederate uniform was answering questions about the Civil War.

Small  out buildings was where farmhands, such as the overseer lived. The cabins for the slaves were sparsely furnished and had only dirt floors.Tomorrow we will meet some of the farm animals.
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  1. That is a nice post. I also visited a plantation when I was in the south, I liked to see how people lived (very wealthy) and there were even still some slavery houses (very small). But we look with modern eyes to history. Those were the times, but at least it changed for the better for the black slaves.
    I always remember "Gone with the wind" when I see a plantation.

  2. a fully separate kitchen is such a weird concept to us spoiled folk. :)

  3. you obvioulsy are having a grand time in the good ole south!

  4. Belas recordações...Espectacular....

  5. It would be fun to try some of those recipes. Did you get a taste while there? I like the idea of the kitchen separate from the house, but where would all the people congregate since that seems to be the most popular room in modern day homes?