Sunday, November 18, 2012


I know, I know, it's Thanksgiving, not Christmas, but Tom and I are headed out, early this morning, for a very long car trip, where we will visit three of our five daughters and their families. First stop, daughter # 2 in Atlanta, Georgia,  then daughter #4 in Charlotte, North Carolina, and finally daughter #5 in Chicago, IL.

We are taking this opportunity to deliver their Christmas presents, so that we don't have to mail them when we return. I say we, but Tom has not looked in the guest room and seen how the stash has grown.. A friend asked him this week, if we had room in our car, to deliver a sewing machine to her daughter in Atlanta. I heard Tom saying "sure, we have plenty of room". Hmmmm. Stay tuned.....:)

I am taking my computer, and you will hear from me if I see something interesting. ...and by now you know I find most everything interesting! Janey

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  1. Oh that is nice to look forward to. Must be great to see the daughters and your granddaughter again. Have a nice trip and time.

  2. ho ho, early indeed
    hope you get to celebrate thanksgiving on the way
    enjoy your travels and safe driving!

  3. Five daughters?! You must have been a very, very busy mother, and it looks like you continue the role. The gifts are beautifully wrapped. Enjoy your trip!!

  4. Daughter #2 better not steal all the gifts before you arrive at daughter # 4 :)