Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bloggers Meet

On the road to Atlanta, Ga, we drove through Birmingham, Alabama. I don't think I have to introduce the lady with me in this photo to many of my blogger friends. Yes, it's Virginia from Paris Through My Lens V was nice enough to meet Tom and me for coffee at the crack of dawn, and what a treat it was to meet her! I am not sure that I worked into the conversation that it was because of her blog... that I was inspired to start blogging myself ....and she was one of my first two followers! Fun times!
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  1. That is so nice, brings back memories for me.

  2. How fun! And your hair looks fabulous in this picture.

  3. How nice to meet Virginia, two lovely ladies together.

  4. that is great! i've been fortunate to meet 2 of my blogger pals thus far. it is really neat.

  5. Well it wasn't quite the crack of dawn but I was still late! Yikes. A real treat to meet you and Tom who very patiently listened to blog/Paris talk nonstop. And I didn't know that about your blog. Don't you just love blogging?
    Have a safe trip as you continue your trek.

  6. I saw you on Virginia's blog! How fun.