Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Favorite

This little Texas church is a favorite of mine. It sits of on the rolling landscape of Central Texas. We use to pass it on our way from south Texas to north Texas . It is about a half mile off of the highway, but can be seen, even at night, because it is illuminated.
You can see why I thought of it when I saw a painting at The Carter museum. See previous blog.
I remember one Christmas night... seeing it in the distance and asking my husband to turn off of the highway so I could get a closer look
 These photos were of course were taken in the day time.  

you may click on photo to enlarge

A Texas plaque gives the history of the church



  1. Hello Janey:

    What a very attractive little church and just as we imagine so many in the country districts of the United States to be.

  2. I like those white wooden buildings.

  3. Speaking of triangles!! Another lovely rural, small-town church. I'd like to see the interiors of some of them too; imagine they are simple and serene.

  4. Well it has been here since 1896 Janey, maybe it IS the one in the painting :)