Friday, April 4, 2014

Greening Up

It has been a long cold winter in most parts of the U.S., even in Texas. So, we are all excited that Spring has finally arrived. This is a favorite time for me, and I enjoy riding out into the countryside where pastures are greening up and wild flowers are blooming.I have no idea what this crop it. ....but it is very very green 

I even got closer hoping that one of you could tell me what this is? It is only about a foot tall at this point. Wouldn't it be nice if farmers would label what is growing in their fields? 

I love it when I happen upon an old house, barn or church. This little farmhouse had a wonderful old rusty roof. Come again and I will share some wildflower shots.


  1. love the greens, too - and that last shot is wonderful! no idea on the crop, though.

  2. I love the bright greens of spring. The last shot is just gorgeous. Can't wait to see what the top ones have in store!

  3. I wonder, is it CORN Janey? I too love rusty roofs, I have quite a collection of photos from different old shed etc in Oz.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Looks like the fields upon fields of rapeseed we see this time of year. Love those long green grasses.
    When are you off to the mountains?

  5. Looks like the "green, green grass of home", don't ask me about names of plants....

  6. I will wait eagerly for some photos of wildflowers. . .it's been a long, cold winter!! Love your frog poem you posted on my blog today!!

  7. I'm going with Rose on this one Janey, looks like corn to me!
    p.s. my first grandchild is now five days late, can't wait!