Thursday, September 25, 2014

I'm Back!

Hello from Texas. I am not sure anyone missed me...but just in case. Here I am.
On our drive back to Texas ( through what we call the panhandle), I spotted what I thought was an old school.

My Tom is use to me yelling "pull off", and he doesn't even complain (well, maybe not all the time).

As I looked closer, I thought  maybe it is an old church. I was going to get out and investigate, but two ferocious dogs, by this time, were biting at our wheels. So, here it is...You tell me?
 I don't know why, but I am attracted to old structures. I guess I try to imagine what they once were?

I will try to get out in my new town and take more pictures....I have been just terribly busy. I haven't even had time to visit my favorite blogs..
 Please stay with me! Janey


  1. That's certainly an interesting old building...not sure what it is either!

  2. It is very unusual looking, despite appearing to be abandoned. I guess it will have to remain a mystery. PS. Of course we will miss you if you don't post for a day or two, but we are loyal!!

  3. i like it! love the diamond windows at the top.

  4. Welcome back and I sure missed you. A nice building on the point of falling in pieces, I am afraid. Have no idea what it has been.

  5. I love this picture. I am from NW Oklahoma and we have many old structures like this. This one is so unique!