Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Last Hike

This was our last hike of the season. We are heading to Texas this week. It was actually my first hike with the hiking club, that my husband hikes with all summer. There are a lot of pics. It was just so pretty, I couldn't choose.
It was early morning when we arrived. We had traveled up a rough 4 wheel drive road for about three miles. It was 33 degrees when we got out of the car.(looking back north)
We had to cross Cottonwood Creek on two downed trees. That is frost on the logs. There were twelve people on the hike. That is not me. I was the only one that scooted across sitting down..
We crossed that same creek several times going up.
At times it felt like we were walking through a jungle
I of course loved the blooming plants

 and the abundance of green moss

There was even a strange tree. Sorry, I was laughing at my silly husband, which is why it is out of focus. 

We saw large paw prints in the trail and a faint smell of bear.

It was certainly worth the climb. That is me with my hiking stick on the top,

where this was our view while eating our packed lunches.
Thanks for coming along.....
You have now hiked Cuba Gulch!


  1. Looks like a very fun hiking trip! I especially enjoyed the moss photo.

  2. You will miss this when you leave!!

  3. Oh those trees across the gap, that would scare me so much. My balance is very bad and my knees would be shaking like mad. Great you made it but you look a bit tired. Sad younhave to return already to Texas. Time flies isn't it?