Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our Day in Creede

The weather was beautiful for our day in Creede, Co, which is about an hour over the mountain.
Our first stop was North Clear Creek Falls. There is no admission charge here, beautiful views all around, and picnic tables for a quick lunch.

We arrived Creede in time for the stage play Hope and Gravity (matinee) at our favorite repertory theater, housed in an old opera house.
Creede, like Lake City, is on the map because of mining back in the late 1800's. Most of the mines were straight ahead, in these hills. Creede was a little rougher around the edges, back in those days, than Lake City....Quite a few outlaws called this place home.
Today it just oozes charm, with cute shops

and a nice selection of places to eat. At this place you can eat indoors, or out on the garden terrace. We have also stayed overnight here. There are about five rooms upstairs. A good choice is one of the remodeled rooms on the front, so you can people watch from the balcony.
We ended our day with reservations for dinner on Antler's Ranch ,where they have a great chef.

We had plans to eat on their deck

 which is right of the banks of the mighty Rio Grande River;it's headwaters just up the hill,

but our weather went downhill. No, this is not an old holiday shot. Many of us keep a Christmas tree up all year here in the mountains.

The rain finally stopped, and our waitress told us we may want to go outside and see the the rainbow.

A perfect ending to a wonderful day.

Come back tomorrow, and I will show you the wildlife we found in the road, on the trip back over the mountain!


  1. It looks a lovely area - I suppose keeping a Christmas tree up all year saves time during the festive season, but it would loose some of its magic for me if I saw it all year round.

  2. wow! beautiful and cute little town!

  3. Beautiful falls and splendid rainbow! Looks like a quaint and lovely town; it's neat how the buildings are so colorful! It really does look like the old mining town it is!

  4. The rainbow is also a perfect ending for your medley of photos. Thanks for the tour!

  5. That looks like a perfect day for an outing and that rainbow you captured very well!