Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Over The Mountain

We drove over the mountain to a neighboring town of Creede, CO this week. We do that several times during the summer to attend The Creed Repertory Theater, which is one of the countries best.. We absolutely loved the play. You probably haven't heard of it, Hope and Gravity...but I just know it will make it all the way to Broadway..It is that good!
We walked around town after the play, and went into the Quiller Gallery.
Stephen Quiller is one of the most famous artists in these parts, and this is his gallery pictured above, where you can also sign up for painting classes. I like that he is a big supporter of the theater.

We actually own a signed Quiller print, a gift from the theater, for our volunteer work.

I  came across Stephen painting on our side of the mountain, back in 2012,
and wrote a blog about it. I stopped to ask if I could take his picture, and when he said he was from Creede...I asked him if he had ever met the famous artist that lived there...Stephen Quiller? Imagine my embarrassment when he said he was Stephen Quiller!


  1. That is so neat how you met the artist! He seems very talented :)

  2. I LOVE your story of the artist. So neat.
    Re: those almond cookies...I am having a hard time locating them now...:(

  3. too funny! i bet he got a kick out of that! what a neat town!

  4. An accidental but delightful encounter. Great plein air painting photo of your artist friend.

  5. Love your story about Stephen Creed. I am sure he enjoyed this encounter very much. It looks like a lovely town and how neat to have its own theater. Maybe the play will come to Washington DC after Broadway! :)

  6. That is a funny story, I am sure he didn't mind you didn't recognize him.