Monday, September 29, 2014

Speaking of Art

Oh..I guess we weren't..speaking of art. You see, as I mentioned a blog or so back. We have been busy hanging pictures in our new home. I say pictures, because the majority of our "art work" are not works of art. Although, we do have several pieces painted by my cousin Eloise that are.
She did these  two water colors many years ago. The pecan one reminds me of my childhood. Eloise
  had a pecan tree in her front yard. It was not just a native pecan, which produces small hard to peel nuts. It was what we called a paper shell pecan tree. It produced large pecans, that were very easy to crack open (and delicious to eat).

The other watercolor print is of a persimmon branch. I can remember learning the hard way that you never want to take a bite of a persimmon until it is ripe. Bite into a green one, and your whole mouth drys up and puckers.. I remember some not so nice kid encouraging me to take a bite....which if course I did. Surely I never did that to anyone else? Hope not.

My favorite watercolor, that she did though, is a bluebonnet scene. Bluebonnets are our state flower, and they bloom mostly in the Texas hill country, in the Spring. I treasure this one, and it now hangs in our entry hall.
I stopped in a furniture consignment shop this week, looking for a console table for the bedroom . They didn't have one, but this Picasso numbered print caught my eye. Oh man, I wanted it! Our new house is French in style, and this can can girl would be perfect in our powder room.
Then I saw this one. Another numbered Picasso sketch. Do you see the Eiffel tower in the distance?. Oh it would look right at home in the bookcase, in the family room. Remind self. "You are not out shopping for art!" We need furniture pieces. Okay, I am not going to think of them again....sigh.


  1. You have a lot to do. and to make choices, I love all the artwork you show. You could have them all I think!

  2. Beautiful paintings by your cousin! She is talented!

  3. Your cousin is a very talented woman. . . lucky you to have some of her pieces. I'd love to see a closeup of the scene with bluebonnets.

  4. The botanicals are fantastic your cousin is so talented Janey. I have to say I get very sidetracked by art also, it's just a question of priorities oui :)

  5. love that you have your cousin's original artwork! i love those 'botanicals'. so pretty!

  6. You need to go back and get those prints! Your cousin's paintings are perfect - as a reminder of your past and also your present.