Monday, May 25, 2015

A Time To Remember

It is Memorial Day here in the U.S. A time when we pause to remember the brave men and women who gave their lives while serving their country.  I wanted to take some photos of something patriotic for this blog, but the weather would not cooperate.
The white cloud is a rain drop on my lens. I did take another, but this one appealed to me. It looks like a ghostly spirit standing guard at the sculpture. 

The above is a World War l memorial park here in Ft. Worth. It was back in 1917 the sight of an army training camp, where over  100,000 young men were trained to join the war. The poem at the base of this sculpture is the moving poem In Flanders Fields written by John McCrae in 1915, while he was still on the battle fields of Belgium.


  1. It is certainly an important day for us to remember all of these men and women.

  2. Beautifully poignant. Just right for the occasion. McCrae's family home is still preserved not far from where I grew up.

  3. It is an epic memorial to remember the soldiers who lost their lives. I still read disturbing reports from the weather in Texas.Glad you are far from it, but still have the rains unfortunately.