Saturday, May 16, 2015

I Am Back!

Tom and I drove down to Houston (our old hometown), for a few days. While there, we saw a lot of our dear friends.
Sandra and Ron, where we stayed the first night,  live in a wonderful New Orleans style home, that has a small lake in the backyard. You can tell how the weather was. Rain, rain, rain!
The next morning our hostess, Sandra, threw a beautiful brunch, and invited over ten of my  girlfriends.Tom had escaped, to see his favorite dentist. It is apparent that Sandra goes all out when she does something.The food was delicious, the table was beautiful..
and  the company priceless. Sorry about the quality of these photos!
We then, packed up and moved over to another friend's, where our new hostess had an open house, and invited fifteen couples from Tom's old Rotary Club.
Another blurry photo, but I got a laugh out of this.
I am pictured here, far right, with friends Judy and Sherry. Sherry looks like she has huge flower in her hair. When actually, the flower was on the painting behind her! We had a fun filled week...and felt a bit like royalty!
Now it is the weekend...and nothing to do.


  1. You really are a party girl these days Janey :) You might almost be looking forward to a quiet weekend :)

  2. Very nice festivity table. Cogratulations.


  3. i was going to say it! you're treated like royalty when you return! how awesome to see everyone and your hosts are FABULOUS!

  4. You have some really good friends Janey, and yes, they do treat you like royalty.
    The outlook from the New Orleans house is lovely.

  5. I have only been to Houston once - we flew in for a Bocelli Concert. I loved the ambiance of that city, the friendliness of the people, the campus at Rice, and the lovely parks and gardens. It looks like you were feted in a grand way. (Now, back to reality...right?)

    1. So right Barb. Shocked that I have to cook my own meal! You are right about Houston. Come to Ft. Worth and I will show another friendly, pretty town!

  6. Well, Your friends certainly do treat you like royalty!

  7. Glad you had such a great visit!

  8. Dearest Janey,
    That indeed looks like a fabulous time with friends; despite the rain! Okay, I learned something about your Tom being also a Rotarian. Pieter is one since 1976 and he was President for his Dutch club in 1978-79. Rotary has always helped us very much in each country we lived and worked.
    Blessings for a happy and hopefully sunny Sunday. Send that rain our way please!

  9. You don't have to cook for a while I think, you had a lot of friends overthere!