Sunday, May 24, 2015


The sun did peek through today for a little while in North Texas, but we are expecting heavy rains to arrive this afternoon. Tom and I were invited to the Colonial Golf Tournament yesterday. We walked around with our umbrellas.. The golfers are always cute (they look so young), and Tom actually knows who they all are. I had fun people watching. I was amazed at the number of people who showed up without an umbrella or rain jacket. Do these people not check the weather report?
I will not even comment on the young women's selection of walking shoes.
My geraniums sure were happy to see the sun today. I have pots on both sides of the front entrance. See the black tubing hanging out of the pot? That is a drip system, so they will be happy, and not thirsty, while I am away. Now, if I can just talk someone into deadheading the old blossoms. When I asked one of the yard guys, he just said "those are not going to survive the 100 plus temperatures anyway" :(

I took my sister Polly out for a belated birthday lunch today, at a cute little deli.....
 and then came home, and started stacking up the clothes that I can't live without this summer (we will move to the mountains until October). I was complaining to someone about all of the clothing decisions that I have to make...and she remarked that those were Princess Problems! Tom thinks I am finished (packing).....He has no idea that I have just begun :) I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend..Janey


  1. I think the yard guy will be quite surprised at how well the geraniums will survive the hot weather Janey, especially if they're getting a bit of water.. Mine adore the hot weather, thankfully!

  2. 'princess problems' - like that. :) good luck with shuttling over to colorado!

  3. Princess Problems. I REALLY like that too. :)

    I love going to PGA or Sr. PGA tournaments. I know about 70% of the golfer's names by their faces. ;)

  4. I read in the newspaper, Texas had some very bad weather with lots of damages. Hope you are ok.

  5. Interesting: I have four hanging baskets of p!nk geraniums this year. Normally I always have bright red ones, but the pink were irresistible, as are yours. I love the term Princess Problems!!