Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just Don't Do It!

I was waiting for my husband to pick me up at an outlet mall. We had actually arrived together, but wanted to go to different stores. He to a store that sold his favorite hiking boots, and me to Jones of New York. I love their cotton tees, with three quarter length sleeves. Yes, we are stocking up for our annual migration to our house in the mountains. Bet by now, you are wondering where I am going with this!
So, I am sitting on a bench watching for him....and I notice the sign posted on the garbage can beside me. Interesting. Smokers are no longer even welcome outside!

Do you smoke,or did you ever? I did. Amazing that I ever started, because I probably knew that smoking could cause cancer long before it hit the news. In high school I worked, after school, in a hospital laboratory. The pathologists that I worked for, was always cutting up organs in the back room. He was dissecting a lung that he had brought down from the autopsy lab, and  called me in to show me the spongy cancer that filled all the chambers of the poor man's lung. Pretty awful that I also knew the man.(who had recently succumbed to his illness)...After all, it was a small town. So, what did I do...That very year I started smoking....and did so for ten years.Pretty stupid...but I was young and felt invincible. I am so happy that I did quit...and early enough not to have any consequences now. I do have friends that smoked a bit longer, and even after quitting are suffering..... in their golden years.... from COPD.
I guess I got a little gruesome. Sorry.I was just wondering how you feel about smoking?


  1. It is a dirty and difficult addiction I smoked and quit, but so far am lucky that I have had no residual effects. Wish no-one, particularly youngsters who think that they are "invincible", would never begin the habit.

  2. so grateful i never did - well, except at about 5 yrs old when my older brother told me to take a puff off his cigarette. that was it. i cannot imagine living with that addiction. it is SO incredibly expensive, dirty, and obviously not at all healthy. i hate that so many poor people are addicted to tobacco. the money they spend...

  3. Dearest Janey,
    No lucky enough I have never been a smoker. Just inhaled a couple of cigarettes over my lungs and than at age 18 they removed my toncils and it hurt like hell when I smoked. So I quit and that's it. My sisters did better, one is still smoking at age 62 and the other quite at almost age 55...
    When we have to wait, it is amazing what we can ponder about...

  4. When you are young, you sometimes take strange decisions for several reasons. I did smoke when I was young, not so much cigarettes a day, but everyone smoked at those times. I remember even smoking at the office where everyone had an ashtray on its desk. I quit long ago and didn't even miss it, so I was not addicted and could have stopped earlier.

  5. No I haven't ever smoked Janey which is surprising because both my parents did, although they did give it up. I just never saw the point :)

  6. No I haven't ever smoked Janey which is surprising because both my parents did, although they did give it up. I just never saw the point :)