Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rain Rain Go Away

We have had a lot of rain this year. Our area of North Texas has had more rain fall than Seattle or London, so far this year! I think it has rained almost every other day in April, and now May ! There was actually a drought before it started. There is a church in the area, that has a marque out in front stating " Those praying for rain, may now stop". We have been spared the tornadoes that have gone north and south of our metropolitan area.
Although, we have had a lot of thunder storms and high winds. A storm the other day, brought down this limb over this very busy street. Luckily, it was hanging right in the center, so everyone could still maneuver around it. Forecast for today three to four more inches. How is your weather?


  1. Goodness gracious! I know you are ready for some sunshine and cloudless days. We've had great weather this weekend. Highs in the 80's with low humidity and into the 60's at night. No rain expected until next week. Hope your day brightens up!

  2. i actually managed to get my yard mowed on wednesday afternoon (even if i left some mud tracks and ruts in parts) before we got another 2 inches the next morning. incredible, isn't it?

  3. We need more rain; last year we had a deluge, but not now. Temperature is both up and down. A pretty boring spring so far.

  4. Dearest Janey,
    Well, our weather is just the opposite; the lawn is looking all scorched and a lot of shrubs and plants struggle for life. We pray for rain!
    Sending you hugs and hope somebody up there gets it sorted out really soon...