Thursday, May 28, 2015

Oh Wow!

I know, you thought I was on my way to the mountains...and I will be soon. I was just so excited to see blue blue skies today, and a beautiful big yellow ball, called the SUN!! ....that I took a break from packing....and headed outside.
 I was running an errand, near the center city...we call it downtown, and swung by my favorite mansions. I am a sucker for a beautiful house, especially if it is old.
This is one of two houses, sitting side by side, on a high bluff, above the  Trinity River. They were part of a neighborhood of mansions  built in the late nineteenth century, in an elite neighborhood nicknamed , of all things, Quality Hill.
you make click on photo to enlarge
This is the history of the house above

The one that sits next door is my favorite. One may even rent this place for a special event, and they do have tours. Your tour ticket  includes another mansion, not far away, which I will show you tomorrow. I drove over there too, with my sun roof open.
The history of the second house.


  1. Everything is so green. I love it and I love those old houses too. Safe trip and have fun in Colorado this year. Tell everyone hello from San Angelo.

  2. we had a dry night and started with sun today, too! woo hoo!

  3. Well, Janie, you may be coming to CO at the perfect time. Next week we're due for some sunshine! Can you imagine living in one of those mansions? Too much space for me!

  4. I, too,prefer a smaller space. (PS. I will be posting and commenting sporadically for awhile because I have to take care of some medical issues first. Have a good week-end during your travels to CO.)