Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Holiday

On Thursday of this week most Americans gathered around a bountiful table of food to give thanks.
Our family was no exception.
 My sister Polly hosted this year in her beautiful home.
She is a busy executive,wonderful cook, talented photographer and always goes the extra mile to make her home look festive and welcoming.
 which we all appreciate.
Even with several missing, we had at least twenty in attendance. Like many families, we all contribute to the meal. I made cranberry sauce, green beans
and a cheese ball that was intended to look somewhat like a turkey.

With all of the sad news in our world this year, it is comforting to have such
a close loving family. For this I give thanks.


  1. The table looks very inviting. Whatever the time of year it is always lovely to share a meal with your family.

  2. It looks like the house was well decorated for the occasion.

  3. Such a great spread on an important family day! Yes, how fortunate you are to have a loving, close-knit family. Re. your recent comment on my blog; use the email I posted on my blog info and send me a message re. your gym activity and the "fall." Have a good Sunday!

  4. You are so creative with making food! Lovely table with family, looks great.

  5. Looks wonderful Janey, you are right, family is everything.