Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Dinner Party

I hope that everyone had a fun Halloween. We sure did. Now, I simply must share pictures of a friend's dinner party. She loves Halloween and goes to great lengths.
A ghoulish butler welcomes you to dinner.
My goodness this place looks scary!
The table is set with great pains....matter of fact the centerpiece looks a bit hungry,
 and so do those folks on the chandelier.
There was a delicious soup served in a test tube, followed by a scrumptious salad
and very unusual pizzas.
home made cookies,
along with delicious and "brainy" red velvet cake topped with raspberry sauce.
....and then there's Leslie, the chef and hostess who is probably already planning next years feast.

*I didn't actually attend this dinner party. Leslie lives in Houston


  1. OMG, I couldn't get a bite through my throat! That brains....yak...

  2. I'm wondering the same do you eat all of that? The cake? Oh my, I don't think so! heehee! What fun!

  3. The brain is horrific - I think that I would have to close my eyes when eating that even knowing that it was only cake.

  4. Wonderful shots! That chandelier especially!

  5. It must have taken days to prepare the house for that dinner.

  6. Yes, she really does go "all out!!