Saturday, November 11, 2017

Cowgirls part ll

Several of the displays on the National Cowgirl Museum, here in Ft. Worth, celebrate the cowgirls that were trick riders in the old Wild West Shows which toured the country in the early 1900's

One such cowgirl was Mamie Francis 1908-1950. Mamie was inducted into the Cowgirl Hall of fame in 1981 for her daring performances in Wild West Shows. She would dive, on horse back, from a 35 to 50 foot platform into a tank of water below..
as seen from this old photo. Mamie, who was only injured a couple of times preformed this act over 600 times.
 There is an artist's rendering of this event on the ceiling, as soon as you walk in the door of the museum.

Next up...the famous Annie Oakley


  1. That Annie was a daredevil! Did the horse not harmed himself?

    1. Yes, there were a couple of incidents where the horse was injured. I feel sure that the Humane Society would not have approved.

  2. Nice to see the ladies honoured this way Janey and the Cowgirl Museum building is fabulous in it's Art Deco style. Oh la! That diving stunt was a bit crazy 😱

  3. Can't believe you could get a horse to do that jump.

  4. I have heard of that diving thing done back in that period.