Sunday, November 19, 2017

Cowgirls (I've lost count)

I know, I have kind of over saturated you with Cowgirls.
So, I will move on. I just wanted to post this last picture. I liked it because most photographs from that time period all always seem so somber....and I like the way these girls are smiling.

There seems to be something for everyone to enjoy in the museum. Remember these old table top jukeboxes?
I liked photo booth where you can choose which old photo you want to be a part of. So I decided to hang out with the chiefs!
If you are ever in Ft. Worth, Texas...don't miss the National Cowgirl Museum


  1. Yes, that shot of the cowgirls is quite a pleasing sight!

  2. I can see why the smiling cowgirls caught your eye Janey, super shot. I love your Indian chiefs, their fabulous feathered headdresses look like angel wings!

  3. A friend of ours that graduated with was inducted a few years ago...She was a barrel racer....Happy Thanksgiving

  4. That sounds like a museum made to order for me! I have been blogging and commenting sporadically lately, and I have missed my daily blogging "fix." Life gets complicated sometime! Hope that you have a lovely Thanksgiving!