Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Fall has finally arrived here in North Texas
I noticed my neighbors little tree when I opened the shutters this morning. I also noticed that their grass is a bit greener. Hmm
I spotted this one when I was driving home from the grocery store. Maybe if I had slowed down it wouldn't have been so blurry?
We don't have a yard since we down sized, but we do have a side courtyard, where planted a Crepe Myrtle against the fence. It has really grown since we moved in, and it too is showing some color.
Does it look like Fall where you are? Or are the leaves already gone?


  1. All the keaves are blown away in a few days of rain and storms here.. You know the grass of the neighbours is always greener, don'T you? That is an expression here when you are jalous at someone else :))

  2. The leaves are mostly gone here, aside from the odd tree that seem to hang onto their leaves until winter really sets in.

  3. That lattice work on the wall has grown really well - is it a Pyracantha?

    1. Yes, Rosemary it is. I s supposed to be covered in red berries this time of year, but I fear our yard crew trimmed it at the wrong time cutting off the buds. We also battle with aphids non stop...otherwise I love it.

  4. No, unfortunately we're heading into summer Janey ✨

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