Thursday, November 2, 2017


I sure had a nice day yesterday, went out with some of my Colorado girlfriends to a beautiful new French restaurant for lunch. I didn't take any pictures. Sometimes I am uncomfortably aware that I am the only one photographing things. Do you ever feel that way?
 Afterwards, I stopped at a new gift shop that is primarily a stationary store. If you can believe that. I didn't think people were actually using stationary anymore, but this store is huge...two stories!!....and that is where I met Lilly. I guess Lilly belongs to the owner,
and she sits quietly watching customers walk to the door. She doesn't try to get out, or even react when you enter, which surprised me.I thought she was just darling, especially since my last dog was a Westie. I sure miss my Duffy. I know some of your pets....Does everyone but me have one?
 For my Colorado followers that don't comment. I was with Linda G, Betty T, Marty N and Jane A


  1. Lilly is a cutie pie!

    I don't have pets myself. At some point I'd like to get a cat, but it's not in the cards at present.

  2. Lilly is gorgeous - I don't have any pets either as we go away too often.

  3. She would be a great companion for Wild Wendy. Yup, we are a pet family; wouldn't have it any other way, even when having them really ties one down at times.

  4. Dearest Janey,
    Love the serenity of Lilly and fully understanding about the business! Some pets can be oh so smart.
    Well, after our six felines will cross the rainbow bridge, for me no more pets.
    Pieter is not well, his heart is suddenly so weak... I'm oh so worried and taking care of pets adds so much to your responsibility. Love them for the time they are with us...

    1. Mariette,
      I am so sorry about Pieter's condition. When a loved one is not brings our lives to a standstill.

  5. wouldn't have it any other way, even when having them really ties one down at times.