Sunday, November 25, 2018

Asia cont.

Well, my children and grandchildren have departed. We sure enjoyed them being here...and the house is a little too quiet this morning, but it does give me time to post a few more pictures.
I really felt like I was in Beijing when we arrived at Tiananmen Square. The barricades were still up from an early morning military event...and the square was still pretty empty.
I didn't realize that the Forbidden City was right next door to the square. Our guide told us about the last Emperor PuYi. He became emperor at a mere three years old...and had a most unusual life....Forced to abdicate the throne at a young age, imprisoned for a time in Siberia, and eventually  becoming (as a prisoner) a gardener. You can read more about him HERE
You certainly felt a military presence in the whole area
We did find the crowds in the Forbidden City. Here and there groups wore coordinated clothing to help stay together. We did momentarily lose a lady...but her panicked husband was able to find her.
I wasn't shy about asking if I could photographic people,
but on occasion I did sneak a shot.
 I did always ask permission before photographing a child.
Next up the Summer Palace


  1. Dearest Janey,
    That was a huge crowd at the Forbidden City and how scary to have lost temporarily a lady of your group... So glad that her husband spotted her.
    Pieter also took special photos of colorfully dressed cute kids.
    The military in China seems to be important and ever present.

  2. I imagine it's not likely I'll ever visit there, Janey. Excellent captures.

  3. So amazing you were there, I only know the forbidden city from that movie, the last emperor. Nice photos!