Friday, November 30, 2018

Hawaii? No... Jeju

If you have been keeping up with me on this Asia Cruise you will remember that we have already stopped in S. Korea. Well, we have turned back south and stopped sixty miles south of  Korea's mainland just across the Korean Strait. The island of Jeju, which is a province of south Korea, is nicknamed the Hawaii of Korea...
and with good reason. It has a much more temperate climate and is dotted with palm trees and beautiful beaches. Here we are visiting a Buddhist Temple.
Yakcheon Temple is not that old, having been constructed in the 1990's, but it is JeJu's largest and certainly worth a stop.
They grow all sorts of fruit on the island, the principal one being tangerines, but due to the weather and the islands beauty it is also a very popular vacation spot. The white sandy beaches are lined with five star resorts and golf courses.
They served delicious locally harvested fruit for dessert at lunch. This small orange one is a perfectly ripe persimmon.
After lunch we toured an impressive indoor botanic garden. The outside grounds were perfectly groomed as well.
Close by was a park with a pretty waterfall
and a beautiful bridge high above.
Next stop after a relaxing day at sea was our first stop in Japan.


  1. The tall thin palms are so Hawaii, the architecture behind not so much 😉 What an amazing trip you had Janey. Looking forward to Japan ✨

  2. Korea, such an unknown country to me, what a travel you made!

  3. Dearest Janey,
    Oh, those fresh fruits must have tasted heavenly!
    MISS the tropical fruits that we enjoyed while living and working in Indonesia.
    What a beautiful island Jeju is and so worthwhile to visit and linger there.
    Always thinking of my South Korean colleague Pak (Mr in Indonesian) Yun... he was from Seoul.

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