Sunday, November 18, 2018

Asia Trip cont. Beijing

Okay went went from China to South Korea, now we were headed back north to China again, where we docked at Beijing's port city of Tianjin. Beijing is inland, so we had to take the bus two and a half hours to reach the city. We felt that the excursion offered by the ship was too pricey, so we booked a private recommended tour, which was three days and two nights and included bus ride, touring, hotel (and food).
 First stop was to be The Great Wall of China, but they fed us first. I thought they had put all of the food on the table when I took this, but it kept coming and the filled the entire table
  Normally my mountain climbing husband would insist that we walk up, but he is having hip problems so we took the chair lift.
The weather was absolutely perfect. It was sort of surreal for me....the feeling I got when standing on that wall.
 After the bus ride and The Great Wall, which was enough for one day, they took us to our hotel. Not sure what to expect,  but we were pleased to find a very nice comfortable....western type room. (3star). I actually am not a particular as my husband.

This little box in our room was unusual to me. I take it that is to wear in case of a fire?
We are what you call news junkies and turn on our morning report as soon as we get up. Ahhh don't think we can understand these people. Thankfully the t.v. channels included International CNN
Tom was ready to take an early morning walk (despite his hip) and was pleased to find you know what? Did you know that they have pretty darn good (American) coffee?
We found ourselves in a very modern area that could have been any large city.....but this statue brought us back.
I would have preferred to be in an older section of town....which I am pleased to report was next on our tour.


  1. That box in your room makes me a little uneasy! Nice room tho. American coffee would have been tops on my list. Love your travel posts!

  2. It is very interesting. I love all the things you share and see your beautiful creation. Thank you for sharing with everyone. I know everything about you. It's great and it's great.


  3. I can imagine you had to pinch yourself when walking on the Great Wall. I have that feeling too when I am at a place I have so much read about and than you are there suddenly watching the real thing.

  4. Dearest Janey,
    Standing on that Wall is quite a feeling. Pieter went there in 1987 as a Citizen Ambassador, lecturing at Universities in China. He enjoyed it and we could not afford the fee for me to tag along. We were paying the Royal Academy for his adopted daughter, outside of the USA - no tax deduction nothing. We managed but I sure would have loved to travel with him!
    So glad for your experience of this vast country with mind boggling culture and artful people making beautiful pieces.