Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Our First Temple

Jing'an Temple in Shanghai was the first Temple (of many) we visited in Asia,
and it was right in the center of what is now a modern city.
One of the first things we learned is why you had to step over a raised threshold to enter.
It seems that they believed that evil spirits could not jump....therefore they could not get in. Men must enter with there left foot first and women with their right.
Laughing or Happy Buddha is the only Buddha I was familiar with,
but as we learned, there are many more and you pray to different ones depending on your need.
I certainly didn't know that there was a female Buddha. Women pray to her for many reasons, especially for fertility problems
There were also statues of Gods of the East and West
as well as North and South.
Parents were there teaching their children to pray. I always ask permission from the parent or adult if I could photograph a child.

Jing'an Temple was as I said, the first we visited and my favorite.

This Monk returning with his shopping bags caught my eye.


  1. Welcome back, I've just been back to have a look at all your Shanghai pics Janey.. can't believe how much activity of all sorts was going on in the park, that's what I call making excellent use of outdoor spaces. The temp!es are beautiful, I have visited similar in Bangkok Thailand, amazing to see ✨

  2. Great photos, Janey! From now on, I am entering every room with my right foot. That little girl is so precious! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip! Rumor has it FW is pretty chilly these days!

  3. I love to see the photos of your tour. They look so excotic with temples, a complete different culture. Looking forward to the next photos.

  4. Dearest Janey,
    Temples is the main highlight for any tourist I guess when traveling to the Far East. Pieter has visited many and so did I in Japan. But Pieter never was in Shanghai.
    Weird how superstition could dictate all sorts of beliefs like men stepping with their left foot first and women with their right foot over the elevated threshold.
    Super cute kids in that part of the world! They make for stunning photos...