Thursday, February 25, 2021

Can’t Complain

 Thought I would let you know that Texas is out of the deep freeze. Actually we had a day this week where it was 80 degrees a far cry from the -2 that led to so much misery around the state.

Millions of people were without electricity which meant they had no heat and to make matters worse their water went off. Some were lucky and had a fireplace...but wood was sold out everywhere and bottled water was just as scarce. Then when the pipes thawed they had broken and homes were flooded. 

We were lucky and didn’t lose power and our water was off for only half a day. When it came back on we had to boil it before using for several days. All four of my sisters were also fortunate and didn’t lose power or water... our next generation didn’t  fare as well.

A niece in Arlington which is between Dallas and Ft. worth lost power as did a niece in another suburb of Dallas. Two of our daughters further south in Texas also lost power and an ice coated tree fell and took out the pump to our daughter’s pool in Austin, but the worst damage was at my nephew Kyle’s in Dallas. They had just completed an expensive remodel of their master bath. Power went off and the newly installed water heater froze up, burst and fell though that bathroom ceiling into his office.

Our Piracantha vine on our wall froze and is turning very brown.

The man who takes care of our yard says to leave it alone. He assures us that new sprouts will shoot out soon and the dead stuff will fall off. I will let you know.

That is about all of the news around here. What has been happening at your house?


  1. I agree with the chap who cares for your yard - although the freeze has turned the leaves brown the main body of the plant should be OK.
    Glad that you are now all over the worst of the bad weather.

  2. That certainly qualifies as a disaster, from all I've seen. One hopes that certain people and organizations are held to account for their failures.

  3. Dearest Janey,
    Good grief what a lot of misfortunate family members and lots of others no doubt.
    Yes, your Piracantha vine will be fine; over time that is. If it survives in The Netherlands and also here in Georgia, it will recover.
    We had 80.6°F today and sunny but Tuesday the rain is back again in an already very soggy area... and rain for 5 days.
    We'll get through that too.

  4. Our weather is moving into spring with nice temperatures. All ice and sbow has gone, so we are back to normal now. But still no vaccination yet, it all takes such a long time here and people are sick of the lockdowns. Young people are starting to revolt, they want to have fun, sit on a terrace with a bear and meet each other. When they crow together in the parcs police have to remove them.. It is all so sad and unrealistic....

  5. Happy Friday - Heading Up On The Grand Mesa Tonight For An Almost Full Moon Snowshoe Adventure - Looking Forward To The Thin Air And Postcard Perfect Scenery - Stay Strong


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