Sunday, August 8, 2021

Dark Skies and Stargazing

 Because of our remote location, our little part of Colorado is a wonderful place to star gaze

On a clear night we can turn off all of our lights and see millions of stars right from our deck, even the Milky Way (not my photo).

Because of its remote location, Lake City is well suited for great stargazing opportunities. On a clear night, one can marvel at the moon, planets, constellations, and other spectacular phenomena of our universe. Certainly, a good set of binoculars or telescope will enhance your “up close” viewing.

An initiative is underway to have a sixty-acre parcel near Lake City designated as a Dark Sky Park by the International Dark Sky Association. In the meantime, several areas in the area provide ideal stargazing opportunities such as Windy Point Overlook and several public campgrounds.

On Wednesday nights if there aren’t  any clouds, you can trek up to Windy Point, just a few miles up the mountain, and you will find this guy with his telescope. Phil is our resident astrologer and he gives a free lecture on just about anything visible in the night sky. He even has a laser to point out the constellations. Phil is so much more to our town, active in town politics, on the board of education and most importantly for thirty five years he has owned the one and only movie theater in town!

So if you are ever in town…don’t miss Wednesday nights on top of Windy Point and tell Phil that I sent you.



  1. Must be interesting to listen to him.

  2. If I lived there I would definitely go and see Phil at Windy Point and learn all about that wonderful night sky, and enjoy being able to view it through his huge telescope.

  3. I love to star gaze. If ever in your area, I definitely would want to talk with Phil. Bet I would learn so much!


  4. Oh yes, this is something I would do for sure. It must be great to see the stars and to listen to someone so knowledgable.