Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Trekking Through Town

 We try to take a walk every morning. Matter of fact instead of just walking one mile, we are trying to walk three.

Come with us as we walk through town and I will show you some cute little houses.

This little one was on the home tour one summer,

as was this one . A friend renovated this little place and was going to use it as a rental property.. The first family that rented it, begged her to sell it to them…and she did.

Here is another oldie that is being well cared for. The Bay window was a sign of prosperity.

Notice the two story Bay windows on this one, which was the home of a mine owner.

This cutie was  home to the first dentist in town.Years ago I met a ninety year old that told me that the dentist  took in her family, who lived in a one story home, so they could all stay upstairs during the big flood.

Not exactly a show place, but I like the look of this place owned by a local bachelor.

Not old, but built to look that way. This sweet cabin has the river out the back door.
There are so many more sweet little places in town. I will change up my route and show you more…


  1. What a great little tour. There are a lot of very cute houses in your little community. I can't decide which I like best.

  2. Thanks for taking us along Janey, lovely homes here in Lake City.. could quite happily move into the second house 💜

  3. Dearest Janey,
    Excellent photos and all are so unique.
    Having the river out the back door could become dangerous at times of flooding...
    What a kind dentist that was for taking in that family during such a flood!

  4. Loved them all! I would have loved to see an inside tour of them all!

    To answer your question, per se we aren't Eagle fans. I like their music. We were looking for a cute gimmicky name for our corgi to tie him in with living in Arizona. We wanted to do a YouTube channel with him visiting sights here with guitar music playing since my hubby is an excellent guitar player. That is how we came up with Winslow's name. Winslow so far is not fond of car rides but we hope one day to get him to Winslow Arizona to stand on that famous corner and get a picture.


  5. How lovely to see a little bit of your town. I like the size of these houses, they would suit me very well. Good for you increasing your daily mileage.