Monday, April 28, 2014


Good morning! It's Monday, but I refuse to be blue. Need to post a blue picture though, if I am going to link up with Blue Monday. Let's see blue. I see a lot of blue in my pictures, but here is one on a Rhine Cruise that I don't usually show anyone.
It was the only day of bad weather.. We were passing the part of the river where there was a castle, on either side, every mile or so! It was so windy and cold, that I wrapped up in a blue blanket.! Have a wonderful day...I hope it's filled with blue skies, or at least castle or two!                                   

Linking to: Blue Monday


  1. Hi Janey,

    You linked up just fine! I traveled down the Rhine in 1994 and still remember all the castles. There are so many! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Happy 1st Blue Monday!

  2. I didn't go on the Rhine cruise but did visit a few castles up close. I like the really old ones like Heidelberg.

  3. Love this photo! Despite the weather, you look very happy, and why not? The Rhine boat trips are really fun!