Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Protest

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We are now in the mountains for the summer. The trip here was long, but  always  interesting. You never know what you are going to see. Like this sad looking little house (duplex) in a dusty little Texas town, near the New Mexico border. I laughed when I saw the sign. Someone was having their say, and a lot of people were reading it, because you could hardly pass without seeing it.  Even though who ever wrote this, seems to be not be living the American Dream, they still are exercising their right to voice their opinion.The longer I looked at it (we bought gas at a station next door) the less funny it became. Kind of sad.

I was going to go to the website, but Tom, who is always a bit smarter than I, cautioned " Don't do may not want there to be a record of you going to that sight". I actually thought the little duplex was kind of cute. Could use some grass, and a little TLC...So could the person that wrote it.....(TLC...not the grass).

*TLC....tender loving care


  1. well, it was a cute little place at one time. the terriost was sad.

  2. That is the beauty of living in a free country - you can voice your opinion. Opinions are not necessarily facts. It's good to hear you've arrived safely at your summer home. It was hot here today... it will be hot again tomorrow.. and the next day... and the...

  3. The disparity of incomes and life styles in this country are ripe for feelings such as those expressed in the sign. I am idealistic enough to want to elevate everyone to a place that is comfortable and appealing and intellectually and emotionally satisfying. Too much to ask?