Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Head Bangers

Tom and I live five months out of the year in a log home, high in the mountains. I always have to caution our guests about the head bangers upstairs in the guestrooms.
The least used room is the Texas Loft..above ( they all have names), mainly because it is a loft, and it has very little privacy (despite the great view out the front windows). Yes, that little door is the closet. It is tiny, and you have to bend down under the huge Engleman Spruce log, that is holding up the roof, to get to it. Folks usually clear it bending down, and forget when standing up and BANG!
Next is the Bear Room (a favorite with children). Only problem is, a lot of adults stay in there, and yes they knocked their head on the LOG!
...and then, there is the Fishing Room. Where I yelled" NO! Please don't put a log across that room". So, the builder met me halfway. After all, something has to hold up the roof....and believe it or not, this short little log (by comparison) is the biggest problem of all. Anyone sleeping by the window, who decides to find the bathroom in the middle of the night, has a run in with it.

So, if you are coming to visit, I strongly  suggest you bring a hardhat  and or a bike helmet,,,, to sleep in :)


  1. oh, too funny! but not, i'm sure!

  2. Ouch! I have a book to send to you, just need you to email me your address. Happy Wednesday!

  3. Lovely rooms for guests, Janey!

  4. Ouch! You will have many visitors with a headache in the morning and not caused by a hangover.