Monday, June 2, 2014

We Are Here!

We had the most beautiful trip today.....You see after spending the winter in our new town of Ft. Worth, Texas....we have traveled to our summer home in Lake City. Colorado!
We traveled on a few uninhabited back roads today... where you don't see another soul! 
Finally arriving in the northern corner of the state of New Mexico

click on photo to enlarge
 Where the deer and the antelope play. Yes, there are wild antelope everywhere.

We pulled into the great state of Colorado about noon.

Where beautiful delicate blue flowers were blooming all along the fence lines

as blue as the sky above! 

All of a sudden the Rocky Mountains were visible out the car window

and the roads were still empty. Can you tell I am happy to be here?

One last pass and we are here. Yes, there is still snow up on Slum,

Okay, don't be disappointed. It doesn't look like much...but just you wait. You won't believe what all goes on in this tiny town.....Stay with me!and we will have a great summer!


  1. LUCKY!! I can feel your excitement by the photos and your comments. Those blue flowers were a welcome sight, I'd bet. ENJOY!!

  2. hooray! i know you are happy! :)

  3. Hello:

    What magnificent scenery both along the way and around you. But we are surprised to see signs of snow still and assume it must be at quite a high altitude.

  4. That is an exciting tour to your summerhome and all your friends over there. Start the games. Love the Rocky Mountains, we never see those here :) Have a nice summertime!

  5. spectacular Janey, I so enjoy seeing other parts of the world. Lucky you!

  6. Glad you arrived safely Janey.. Snow still, that's amazing. The country side and mountains are fabulous and you captured them so beautifully here. It's a bit exciting to think your new home is almost ready, looking forward to hearing a out your time here in Colorado..