Tuesday, June 24, 2014

On The Road Again

We left Colorado about mid morning for our trek back to Texas. The weather was beautiful
People were enjoying raft trips down the Rio Grande, as we passed alongside.
Our weather went downhill as we neared the New Mexico border.
The Texas panhandle can be very boring. I caught myself counting utility poles
The green cornfields  were a welcome respite from the dusty landscape.
Every little town had a grain elevator
and most had oil wells, reminding us that we were indeed back in Texas
I knew I was getting goofy when I found humor in the name of the gas station.
We have landed in Childress. Nice to be out of the car. We have a much shorter trip tomorrow...and we will be home. Oh I forgot. We don't have a home....but we will on Thursday...when we move into our new house. Until then, we will be guests of my sister Polly. Thanks Polly for taking us in. Night Night.


  1. Using photos to catalogue your trip and to bring us along is an excellent idea.

  2. glad you have a place to 'camp'. :)

  3. That is always so nice to see a roadtrip in photos, like it.

  4. Loved this post - and this is why I love being part of blogland!
    Your previous post (and I'm referring mainly to the fudge) almost did my diet in Janey!