Sunday, June 8, 2014

The First Event

Last night was the kick off.... of the Arts Council Summer season. Local artists were featured in the Anthony Gallery, where refreshments were served. It's the first chance to also say hello to folks you haven't seen all winter.
This is a painting by local artist Jane E. Jones. Jane lives here in the summer and teaches art classes. In the winter she resides in Dallas, Texas
There was a nice assortment of mixed medias, and photography. Most of them done over the winter. Here, a photo of the Fall Leaves.
There was certainly no shortage of wild life photos and art.
This unusual piece was by local Yolie B.
Yolie, pictured here (a native of Slovakia) had several pieces on display.

Yours truly, and hubby had a great time. It is especially nice when one of the locals hugs you and says
"Welcome Home"


  1. nice photo of the two of you! i like that first painting a lot - like ribbons in the terrain.

  2. I bet this would've been a fun, fun time had by all. I know I certainly would have enjoyed it.

    Sweet photo of you and hubs!!

  3. A beautiful place with lots of culture. Sounds like paradise.

  4. You both look wonderful, could hang this picture between the other art :) Have a nice time.