Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cousin Camp

I so enjoyed my sister and four of my cousin's being here for a few days. We hadn't all been together in a long long time.. Even though we aren't young girls anymore....this visit really helped us turn back the years of time..
Here we are, three sets of sisters.(yours truly front and center) My sister Suzanne gifted us with mugs that had pictures of us when we were little girls. A great keepsake... and we sure enjoyed sitting around having coffee out of them every morning.
We had daily outings.. I drove them in all four directions, into the countryside. This is Pike Snowden's Meadow. A sunny place to walk around ...and you can even explore inside his old cabin.
click on photo to enlarge
An explanation as to who Pike Snowden was
We were also able to get in a couple of picnics. I think this was everyones  favorite spot...right beside the river.                                              A few of the sights we saw:
snow capped mountains
small waterfalls
 and large (North Clear Creek Falls)
Rivers and creeks almost over flowing from the snow melt
Flowers in bloom. Yes, I know...in your yard they are weeds. In the mountains, they are some of the first flowers of Spring!
The real ones are just starting to peek out...A wild Iris.

I forgot to mention, we also shopped, went out to lunch, and took turns cooking dinner,
saw a moose in the wild....had dinner in an underground mine, and attended the opening night play at the Creede Repertory Theater, Annie Get Your Gun..I certainly  hope that they weren't coming here to rest!


  1. Good heavens Janey, you sure have a full agenda organised there! Have just been catching up on past 'cousin camp' posts.. what fun you all are having, have you spotted a bear yet :) What wonderful memories you are making.. you will think of them every time you drink out of your special mug!

  2. i love the idea of the mugs as a 'camp' keepsake! love it!

  3. The mugs are great! You have a losded program, but when you enjoy everything it doesn't matter. Such fun to have your family around

  4. That stupid tablet, makes me type faults, must be loaded!

  5. I bet that was so fun!!! Y'all look marvelous! And the outdoor scenery couldn't be better.

  6. A wonderful get-togethers with a terrific hostess!!

  7. How lovely for all of you Janey. The scenery is breathtaking!