Friday, June 20, 2014

Award Winning Newspaper

Standing proudly at the main intersection of our little town, is our historic bank building, built in 1881. It hasn't changed much over the years, even though  this building has housed many businesses...It has now gone full circle, back to the bank of the same name. I will tell you it's history on another day.
It is an office in this building that I want to talk about.
You see, the local newspaper office is upstairs, occupying these three windows. That one window, by the way, is open all and night
It is through this tall skinny door that you enter to get up there.
It is quite a climb, and I am usually out of breath when I get to the top. The stone wall on the left belongs to the soda shop next door...where we will visit on another day.
This my friends is the desk of the very successful editor, of an award winning weekly newspaper, that is read by everyone in town, on Friday.  Don't let the clutter confuse you. He knows exactly where everything is.

It could be in this pile in the corner

or in the basket that might be confused as rubbish...but he can find it..I assure you.
I think it is a proven fact, that a lot of intelligent, gifted people are unorganized. I am I am wondering what that says about me :(
Please come back again for more on our little mountain town.


  1. oh, i LOVE this post - and this place! :) years ago, i so wanted to work as a newspaper columnist. :) my kinda office!

  2. An interesting, behind the scenes look at your local newspaper office.

  3. Oh this is a great place, does he make the newspaper all alone, no colleagues? It looks like an old movie scene.

    1. Good question. Yes, Sandy is his assistant and she is a talented, hard worker.

  4. There are talented people all over who have left the "bright lights" for a more peaceful existence. Seems that this journalist has found his place in the world.

  5. I love it! It makes me feel like my mess may be a good sign. LOL! Neat building, stairway and skinny door.

  6. Images in this post and from previous posts for me Janey are reminiscent of what we here sometimes see on TV as the old Wild West! I was waiting for a cowboy to appear in one of your images. What an exciting and wonderful area you're staying in!

  7. Sounds like your friend has found his niche Janey.. must admit I do like an untidy desk but that could be because I have one :)

  8. I love that tall, thin door. Amazing building. I know some people who have cluttered desks, and they also know where everything is. I couldn't stand having the piles though. I like organization.