Monday, March 2, 2015


We have been housebound due to a light snow....which then was followed by a slippery coating on ice. The roads and bridges are a mess here in north Texas. Well, my husband is a type A personality (what ever that means). To me it means he is constantly on the move....unless he is asleep....and this sitting around the house is driving him a bit crazy.

I discovered him in the courtyard throwing snowballs. He asked me if I wanted to play? You choose a diamond shape (of the wiring we had installed to grow a vine), and see if you can throw the snowball in that space. I threw one...and it went completely over the fence...and I stopped. My hand was cold.
If you see the sun, will you please send it my way?


  1. Okay, Janey, buck up. Get yourself some mittens, good boots, a warm coat and hat and go out to play!!

  2. If only I could send you some sun Janey, we have way too much :)

  3. too funny. :) i'm with you on the sun. gray, soupy, rainy, drippy for too long after the snows and ice.

  4. You did it a snowballfight with hubby, he understands how to enjoy the snow. Put on some gloves and make fun of it together!

  5. Dearest Janey,
    Oh, your husband is a sport; love that photo with the smashed snowballs against the wall withing those diamond shaped areas.
    We had a lovely, sunny day today but we've had our share of wet, windy and cold! Our Japanese Magnolias usually bloomed on my Mom's birthday every year, which was February 12. At present, the buds are not even swelling...
    Sending you some of today's sunshine with love,

  6. Ah! I have a hard time throwing snowballs on target as well--my brother and youngest sister are pretty good at it though...but they're usually kind enough to intentionally miss me! Hope you get warmer weather soon! If I sent you our weather, you'd just get more snow, so I don't think I'll go for that idea...