Sunday, March 22, 2015

Yee Haw

My cousin Judy was in town this weekend, so we went down to The stock yards to take some pictures.
If you want to imagine yourself in the old west....The stock yards is where you want to be.

It was a drizzly cloudy day, but we went anyway.
Approaching the area, I saw this unusual shop. I didn't go in, but I think I might just have to go back, and look around.

 When the cattle drives came through Ft. Worth, Texas in the last half of the nineteenth century, on the Chisholm Trail, headed north to the markets...there was a lot of action in this part of town. Actually, there still is...but it is mostly tourist traffic.Come back again, and I will share some more photos of this wild and woolly part of town.

*I say down to the stock yards, even though it is on the north side of the city. The central business district, and most of the town sits on a high ridge south of this area.


  1. Interesting areas overthere with the cattles.

  2. poor old longhorn waiting for a rider - or at least a sitter for a photo op. :)

  3. There are stockyards in South St. Paul but have never gone there; I doubt that it is still active. I'd like to see a cattle drive!!

  4. Hope you were wearing your Stetsons.