Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Many of you know that we made a big move a couple of years ago. Gosh! has it really been that long? Well, when packing up, we did a lot of serious pitching and tossing. Getting rid of  of things that we had collected over the years, that were no longer necessary. We even went through all of our books.
Well, I ran across this today in the bookcase, and I am wondering how it made the cut? I ask you when do you think it was last used? No, it's not that I am a good's just that it has become obsolete, like the encyclopedias that we gave away a few years back. Will I get rid of it? No, it helps fill up the bookcase since we discarded (donated), so many books.
Do you still have a dictionary?
How about a set of encyclopedias?


  1. Yes, actually we have that exact same dictionary--plus a few more! And we've picked up a few sets of encyclopedias, basically for free, at local thrift stores and library sales! Now that most people view them as obsolete they are so inexpensive!

  2. I have several different dictionaries in several different languages plus a huge OED that I keep on a wooden stand. Love the look of it. I love the internet and Kindle but nothing satisfied me more than a book-in-hand. Guess it's the English teacher in me, plus my generation.

  3. have some small dictionaries around here. :)

  4. I still have old dictionaries from when I was a child - just for nostalgia, I guess. Even when my Grands and I play Scrabble, we use an on-line dictionary to check words.

  5. Dearest Janey,
    Yes, we do have dictionaries in seven languages! They are never going to be obsolete in my opinion as they are far better for reference than any on line translator. If you want to really laugh out loud, use the ones on line. But that is only if you understand the language and above all, know its grammar well. Sure, any language will change over time and add on words but like me, I left my native country almost 32 years ago but I still manage the language! Every person upon finishing his/her formal education kind of stops learning too, the formal way that is. But during life we add on and pick up as we go. So the 'basics' of a good dictionary and also a good encyclopedia will always remain valuable!
    I know exactly what you are talking about by sorting through your belongings. If one has to pay for moving trice across the ocean, you better know if it is worth taking along!

  6. I think that might have been one of my gifts from high school graduation!