Sunday, March 1, 2015

Should Have Made Soup

If you have watched the U.S news, or read my previous blog, you will know that North Texas has been paralyzed my a "little" snow. There have even been jokes about it on the Internet.:
and it wasn't like we didn't have any warning. So, what do people do when they hear of impending doom? They rush to the grocery store, and empty the shelves. I decided I would make a pot of "healthy" soup and stocked up on the ingredients. Well, I never got around to making the soup, instead I decided to try my hand at making kale chips
I carefully washed the kale, spun it dry in my trusty lettuce spinner, tossed it with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkled it with sea salt.....and baked it until crisp. Hmmm, I think I should have made the soup.


  1. :)

    i made chili yesterday. it was good 'winter' food.

  2. Oh that was funny Janey :) You really can't go wrong with soup!

  3. That sounds not so tasty, kale chips ??? I prefer the kale stew with potatoes...

  4. Looks okay, but I'd rather have a poke in the eye than eat Kale. Soup is wonderful; stick with that.

  5. I think I'd go with soup as well...but you tried something new!