Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Confession

I know we shouldn't eat so much ice cream...but it is a favorite outing that we (my husband and I), take.
We drive to a local ice cream store, and get just a single scoop. I am a vanilla girl...Tom has an obsession with cookie dough. It is  vanilla ice cream, but has chunks of things that taste like chocolate chip cookie dough.
Then we take the long way home.(enjoying our cones),..through pretty neighborhoods. We are having perfect weather this weekend.
Do you have a guilty pleasure?


  1. My guilty pleasure is unprintable (just kidding!!). Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!! The calories would just melt away if you walked to the ice cream store instead of driving. Think of all the photos you could take!!

  2. i love a good braum's vanilla malt - but i only get one about once a year. :)

  3. That looks delicious - I haven't had any ice cream this year as I am trying very hard to be good.

  4. Dearest Janey,
    Before 2007, when I did not yet know that I was diabetes type 2, I also LOVED vanilla ice cream! Still remember its taste. Now I only enjoy a piece of dark chocolate as it has little sugar.
    You do live in an absolute lovely area.

  5. I am trying to loose some weight and skipped all the sweets at the moment, so I just look at your picture to feel the taste of icecream.