Wednesday, April 15, 2015

His Home

We are fairly new to Ft. Worth, TX, and I have enjoyed scouring the town for historic places, and learning about past leaders. It seems almost every beautiful old place that I discover here, whether it be a home, building or church...the same architectural firm keeps popping up. Yes, even the Flat Iron building that I featured here several blogs ago. The Sanguinet Staats Architectural Firm. Who were these guys? I researched first Sanguinet, only to learn I could walk to his home.
Marshall R.Sanguinet moved here from St. Louis in 1893, and built this home one year later. Parts of it burned, but he repaired it, added on to it...and even later added a dining room.
He lived out his life here, dying in 1935. He was wildly successful, designing all of the tallest buildings in this town, as well as Houston, Midland and many others before 1930.
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His home was declared a Texas Historical site in 1981

I was surprised to see the old carriage block  at the end of the walk. Placed here so that ladies could step up, and get into a carriage.

*The Sanguinet family home was sold in the 1950's


  1. beautiful place, meticulously maintained! love the carriage block!!

  2. How wonderful that you could discover this historical architecture within walking distance. Little "finds" like this always make me smile. Good for you!

    Let me know when you are planning your trip to Paris.


  3. So nice to read the history of the buildings you see in Forth Worth. The house looks very nice with the porch.

  4. Dearest Janey,
    Lovely post with such interesting information. What a surprise that you could walk to his home; so nearby...
    Remarkable architecture and for sure he was a great architect for so many buildings. Love the carriage block; how clever and now totally out of 'fashion'.