Monday, April 6, 2015

Our Gathering

One thing I love about having moved closer to family, is our holiday celebrations. Especially, since we no longer have a four hour drive home.
 We were welcomed to Polly and Mike's by one of Polly's creations on the door.

Polly had done the centerpiece on her kitchen island as well.

There were pretty ones on the tables too. It took three large tables to seat us all!

Everyone brings a dish of food. My Katy made the deviled eggs.

My niece Kristin made the cookies.

I keep telling her she needs to open a bakery! Maybe not. She is a teacher, and an excellent one at that....and we need more of those!

Thank goodness the rain stopped, and the kids could have an Easter egg hunt. My little granddaughter Hannah sure had fun gathering eggs.
Tell me about your holiday.


  1. Talent and creativity seem to be the hallmarks of your family. Little Hannah is her Easter finery is a picture of happiness.

  2. such cute table decor! love the chicks in the deviled eggs!

  3. Those decorations are all so beautiful and colorful! And those eggs are sooo cute!

    Your granddaughter does look like she's having fun!

  4. Dearest Janey,
    Looks like you did have a lovely family gathering with artful looking, delicious food. Glad that the little ones could make it outside for their Easter egg hunt.
    We had a lovely sunny day and today we started off with some drizzle and cloudy.
    Hugs to you,

  5. The decorations of your sister and the foods look always so beautiful. My compliments. Hannah looks so cute in her dress.