Friday, April 17, 2015


I was bitten by the genealogy bug several years ago, and didn't surface for a breath for like three years. I am not sure why it fascinates me so? I have gone back on several sides of the family, almost to Adam and Eve...which we all know is an exaggeration!

Recently I have been taking classes at our local University (yes, those ones for seniors). One of the classes was Genealogy.
I took this of one of my classes

I realized that I had not researched my maternal grandfather's side.
His grandmother sent her children to Texas with family in 1873, and stayed behind in Indiana, to get a divorce. I have no further mention of that GG-Grandfather. So, that was my goal.

I did find his marriage licenses, and listing on two census reports, prior to the marriage The above picture is not him, but of his father, which would be my ggg-grandfather. I am still looking for those divorce papers and what became of him.
*believe it or not, this photo was on Ebay...I probably should buy it?


  1. I think many people find genealogy fascinating Janey. I love watching TV shows where they pull out all the stops to go back. As yet I haven't gone into it myself but I'm sure there is some French blood in there somewhere :) good luck with your continuing search.

  2. e-bay. now that's an interesting place to find your ancestor. :)

  3. Who is the owner on e-bay; that's astounding! I too love genealogy searches but it is so time consuming . In addition I just got the results from my DNA from Wow! What a surprise! There are ethnic groups that are just as important as the ones that I was told as a child, but which were never mentioned nor known by my relatives. It was fun! Now I am even more eager to get on with my genealogy searches. I wish that our senior classes also included tips and hints for this activity, too.

    1. I am not sure K ate but everything checked , out. I will post a picof my Uncle John You will see the resemblance. I bought the pic it was only 13.00.

  4. I have a good friend whose hobby is genealogy. She's done some in-depth research on both her family and her husband's. What a surprise to find that pic on E-bay! I bet your ggg grandfather would be surprised,too!

  5. Dearest Janey,
    Yes, that is very time consuming. Glad that my 4th cousin did the foot work for all of us and we went back on Father's side all the way till 1560 and that is in a book format.

  6. Exciting to get back in study and how wonderful you found that photo.