Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Home Tour

Well it was not exactly a home tour. It was billed as a Kitchen Tour
and it was benefiting a very worthy cause. These folks raise money to grant wishes to ill children. So, I would have gone anyway.....but when I read: The Finest Homes and Chefs..I was a shoo- in.
I also took into account that it was a lovely day. These folks are lined up for a shuttle to the next house...but we walked to all the houses (five), since they were pretty close together. Okay, so we did ride back from the last house.
 This is a kitchen in one of the newer homes, although some  were older and had been remodeled. This chef served Carrot Cilantro Cream Soup. Each home had a visiting chef from some very high end restaurants in town.
Another house served beef tenderloin sandwiches, kale and sausage soup and a tasty dessert.
This kitchen and house was very unusual...and pretty. They served waffles topped with fried Quail
The butler's pantry in that house was almost the same size as the kitchen. I especially liked the antique windows from Europe. I am thinking France
The table  was also set. Fragrant sprigs of rosemary adorning each plate.
I really did like this place
It had old world charm every where you looked.
Especially in the powder room.
This chef, in yet another house,was from a very elegant restaurant in town called Grace
Oh, did I mention that there were desserts here and there,
and even an ice cream trolley on one of the porches.
and oh, incidentally, I simply adore chefs
Oops! I noticed when I got back home, that the ticket had printed on it: No cameras in the houses.

My sister and I had such a fun time, and I hope to attend next year, but since I am usually a rule follower, I guess there will be no pictures :( Janey


  1. It sounds like you had fun, even if you were breaking a rule!

  2. I am glad you missed the notice! Such wonderful photos of a very nice tour.

  3. So glad you missed that notice so we could accompany you on this food extravaganza.

  4. We all need to break the rules once and awhile. Beautiful homes.

  5. Oops! No cameras and no-one stopped you? You were lucky in more ways than one. Fabulous tour.