Saturday, November 19, 2016


Some people in the U.S. are excited about Fall because of the cooler weather, others look forward to the Fall foliage, but I can guarantee there are a lot that can't wait for the Fall football season. We have high school football games, and both  college and professional. There is hardly a night on television this time of year when there is not a football game on.  Today we attended a college game between Texas Christian University and Oklahoma State University.
It is fun to arrive at the game early and watch the bands march into the stadium
and these are the TCU showgirls arriving.
There are always a few fans that seem to get carried away.
The stands were a sea of purple (TCU's colors), and a bit of orange (OSU" Colors) mixed in.
If you looked up you could see the Direct TV blimp hovering above the stadium,
and each team has their silly mascot running around the sidelines. Meet OSU's Pistol Pete.
and TCU's Super Frog. He was very interested in watching the game. So I only got the back of his head.
Here is a better picture.
Despite all of the excitment. Our team lost
TCU 6      OSU 31 
It really is a fun way to spend an afternoon!
Go Frogs!


  1. Your football matches look quite different from ours, no bands and mascots here. Fun to watch.

  2. It does make for a good photo op, though the appeal of football baffles me.

  3. Dearest Janey,
    Well, we've only watched one game in all our 33 years and we are therefore illiterate when it comes to Football...
    But you did capture the excitement in a great way!

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  5. What great photos! I don't watch a lot of football but I try not to miss Cowboy games...I'm a HUGE fan! And it was a fantastic game yesterday! Hugs!