Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Rainbow

I have mentioned before that our new home is very close to the Culture District in Ft. Worth, Texas. Matter of fact, in good weather we could walk the one and a half miles to that area, which boasts no fewer than
 six museums ...several of them with free admission.To see the list of those museums, and others in town go : HERE
This week we attended a couple of exhibits at The Amon Carter
In the foyer of the newest part of the museum, you can see the hint of a rainbow....and if you look closer...hubby Tom.
Well, that rainbow is actually a visiting work of art,
one that you can see better at certain angles.

Click on image to enlarge
This amazing installation was done by artist Gabriel Dawe, using an enormous about of colored threads no larger than sewing thread. To read about this unusual artist go :HERE